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Going Beyond What is Required

The true measure of a successful engineering and surveying firm is their ability to transcend simple project requirements… to look beyond rules and regulations to develop a design solution that realizes a forward-looking vision for your initiative.


Our approach balances requirements with measured doses of innovation and imagination derived from our collective professional experiences.


Engineering Innovative Results to Your Project

When you engage EDSI on your assignment, we deploy a comprehensive approach which balances our resources, processes, and values to give you a fully-optimized, innovative infrastructure solution.



  • People - Our staff is comprised of a team of diverse professionals who attack an issue from multiple points of view. These divergent perspectives are critical in the formulation, analysis, and implementation of well-thought-through solutions to challenging project scenarios.
  • Technology - EDSI possesses the appropriate technical resources to support our professionals, to hone our accuracy and accelerate our speed in engineering your project needs



  • De-Layered Workflow - We’ve eliminated layers and streamlined processes to minimize errors, improve communications, and reduce unnecessary administrative hours on your assignment.
  • Independent Quality Control - Once our work is ready for your review, we put it through one more step…we have another team within EDSI who is unfamiliar with your project review the work. This added step actually saves you time and money, because we catch potential errors earlier in the process.
  • Seamless Integration - It’s important for you to never sense where our work and the work of other consultants begins and ends. We fully collaborate with all vested partners so we build upon the strengths of one another and improve the finished product as it moves from stage to stage.



  • Ethics - We believe doing the right thing is always the right thing. We’re interested in a long-term relationship with you, and the strongest bond comes from your unwavering trust in us. That trust is earned by continually demonstrating that we’re looking out for your best interests, no matter the short-term impact to EDSI. There’s always a lot of positive karma this approach brings to our client relationships.
  • Transparency - Our collaborative process increases transparency for the interaction of a project’s owner, designer and contractor at appropriate stages in the project’s evolution. This open, give-and-take approach helps add value at each phase in the process.


Our Secret to Developing Win-Win Partnerships


The way we build trusting, long-term relationships is by doing the things that really aren’t secret… just overlooked by many other firms:


  • Who you meet is who you work with… our senior professionals serve as your primary contact. You’re guaranteed to have a seasoned professional leading and working on your behalf.
  • We begin each project with no preconceived notions… the best results come when we first listen to your needs and then determine the best strategy based on your input, budget and resources.
  • We’re big enough to have the proper resources, yet small enough to still be nimble… today’s marketplace demands quick reaction to opportunity.
  • We love what we do… we start your project highly motivated, and complete our engagement fully satisfied.


We’re also happy to serve whatever role best suits the situation, be it an integrated team member with defined timelines, parameters and budgets; an expert advisor to help facilitate and accomplish a far-reaching vision; or a trusted extension of a client’s team.