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EDSI and Engineers Without Borders Complete Bathroom Facility in Ullanoor, India.

Having access to a bathroom, with a roof and plumbing is something we take for granted here in the U.S. The 80 students at the RRUP School in Ullanoor, India were not lucky enough to have such amenities until recently, when EDSI and Engineers Without Borders recognized the need at the school and designed and constructed a new restroom facility for the students to use.
For the past few years, EDSI has been supporting the RRUP School in Ullanoor that was founded by EDSI President George John’s grandfather in 1937. EDSI provided new benches, computers, books, and other supplies for the school. While these supplies provided some assistance, the one thing these students were still lacking was a real restroom. Their previous facility consisted of a concrete slab with only 3 walls and no roof. After hearing about the work that EDSI’s staff had been doing in Ullanoor, Engineer’s Without Borders took an interest in the project in 2010 and the St. Louis Professional EWB Chapter became involved in the design and construction of a new restroom facility at the school. George John led a group of EWB members on the assessment trip in June of 2010. The team analyzed the conditions and developed plans for an Indian style latrine that is sustainable and will accommodate the needs of the school.
In September, Brett Brooks, EDSI Survey Coordinator, Christie Yaeger, Former Marketing and Business Development Coordinator at EDSI, Nicole Young, Principal at Lion CSG, Engineer at Horner and Shifrin embarked on the 30 hour trip to supervise the construction of the new latrines. The trip was an eye opening experience for the team. They witnessed a small construction crew erect the new facility- all by hand, even mixing the concrete for the structure was done manually on site. The project was completed successfully and the children are now able to use their new facilities.

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