On – Call Civil Services – St. Louis County

    Parkway School District

    EDSI was the prime consultant on a 4 year contract with Parkway School District to provide civil engineering and land surveying services for projects throughout the district. We completed 30 projects that include the improvement of various schools and offices. EDSI staff completed preliminary designs, surveying, design development, construction documents, construction phase services, cost estimates, permitting and coordination with MSD and various government authorities. Services were provided at 26 of the district’s facilities.

    Peabody Opera House – St. Louis, MO

    EDSI was a subconsultant to the architect for the rehabilitation of the historic Peabody Opera House (formerly Kiel Opera House) in Downtown St. Louis. The building houses a 3,200-seat main theater, a smaller 500-seat theater with a banquet facility, and three additional banquet halls with seating for up to 500 each. The venue hosts concerts; comedy, family and holiday shows; and touring Broadway productions, as well as weddings, receptions, business conferences and other special events. The project included historic renovations of public spaces in the lobby and house, back of house support areas, modifications to the stage house and loading areas and repair of selected portions of the exterior. EDSI was specifically responsible for the preparation of construction documents for civil site design of new loading dock, pavement configurations, lane configurations, and walkways, and for the completion of the topographic and ALTA surveys.

    Chesterfield Valley Athletic Complex (CVAC) Expansion – Chesterfield, MO

    City of Chesterfield

    The City of Chesterfield selected EDSI as the prime consultant for the Chesterfield Valley Athletic Complex Expansion project which was the next step in advancing the Master Plan into detailed design and construction. This project included the surveying and engineering design services for seven construction packages with services ranging from detailed facility planning, architectural design, engineering design, preparation of bid documents, and selected construction services. The full scope of services allowed the project to proceed from a conceptual level to construction and operation of the CVAC.

    Transmission Towers – Cahokia to Venice, IL


    EDSI performed surveys on 22 transmission towers along the 138 KV transmission line from Cahokia to Venice, Illinois. Control points were established for data collection. The towers were photo inventoried and assessed for obvious structural defects. Elevations were collected at each footing to determine whether the structure had settled since its construction. This information was compiled into a report summarizing the findings of the survey.

    Downtown St. Louis Underground Revitalization Program


    EDSI was the lead for the tasks of data collection, surveys, and the field work on the vault inspections for this project. The program involved upgrading Ameren’s underground facilities and installation of new conduits and duct banks throughout the City of St. Louis. EDSI completed more than fourteen miles of survey through downtown, along 29 separate routes. Locations of utilities were especially critical on this project. EDSI submitted Missouri One Call tickets, met with field locators, and then surveyed all field markings. All underground vaults, sewers, and valve boxes were opened and inventoried. That data was then used to create an accurate utilities basemap with depths of utilities. EDSI oversaw the field work on vault inspections, which sometimes included pumping water from the vaults.

    Forest Park Utility Mapping and Maintenance Assessment – St. Louis, MO

    Forest Park Forever

    EDSI, as a subconsultant, conducted a park-wide maintenance assessment and inspection of park infrastructure including existing roads, sidewalks and curbs, bridges, and street lights. Based on the current condition of the infrastructure, future recommendations were made. Specifically, EDSI was responsible for preparing an infrastructure assessment report involving the condition of the new construction in Forest Park. The assessment was based on visual inspections. Items assessed included roadways, sidewalks, curbs, bridges, and lighting. The condition of these items were documented and photographed. Custom forms were created and all infrastructure defects were entered into a database. Recommendations were then made on how to repair or reconstruct substandard roadways and cracked or broken sidewalks and curbs. The infrastructure assessment report also provided recommendations on how to maintain the infrastructure before a maintenance problem becomes a rehabilitation or reconstruction project. GIS maps of all utilities were also created. Using current AutoCAD and MicroStation files, shapefiles were created for GIS systems and integrated into a maintenance program for Forest Park to assist in the tracking of future maintenance within the park. These maps contained old utilities and pertinent data on the construction of new utilities. The GIS maps were linked to the database to view, locate and assess any defect discovered in Forest Park.