Grand Glaize WWTF Floodwall Protection –
    St. Louis, MO

    Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District (MSD)

    EDSI, as a subconsultant, was responsible for the analysis and design of structural modifications to the Grand Glaize Wastewater Treatment Facility. The project included modifications to the chlorine contact tank (CCT) and the design of two new junction chambers and a new pump vault. The purpose of the modifications to the CCT was to provide additional tank storage capacity during flood events. All structures were reinforced concrete and included safety railings and access stairs, as needed. In addition, EDSI was responsible for survey. Design has been completed and EDSI is currently providing construction services.

    Watkins Creek Pump Station Forcemain Replacement – St. Louis, MO

    Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District (MSD)

    EDSI, as a subconsultant, was responsible for survey, force main replacement plans, and right-of-way exhibit preparation for the Watkins Creek Pump Station Forcemain Replacement Project. In addition, EDSI’s structural team completed the design of a reinforced concrete barrier wall and the preliminary design of a junction chamber. The project area was along Riverview Drive west of the Mississippi River in the City of St. Louis, within the Watkins Creek and Riverview Watersheds of the Bissell Point Service Area. This project will construct approximately 4,700 feet of 20-inch forcemain, from the Watkins Creek Pump Station P-101, 540 feet of 20-inch pipe in tunnel, special structures and air release valves.    EDSI is currently providing construction services.

    LMRDP Tunnel Dewatering Pump Station –
    St. Louis, MO

    Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District (MSD)

    EDSI, as a subconsultant, was involved in two phases of this project just north of MSD’s Lemay Wastewater Treatment Plant. The initial project involved designing the initial site grading, plus over 2,300 lineal foot of storm sewers ranging in size from 48” to 15”, and the demolition of remaining foundations and other features at the site of the former Defense Mapping facility. EDSI’s portion of the next phase of the project included the design of 1,205 lineal foot of 12″ storm sewers, and 21 storm structures, 509 lineal foot of 8” and 12” sanitary sewers and 6 sanitary sewer structures, in addition to design of final grading, site roadways and paving, potable and fire water mains, and natural gas main relocation.

    Route E – Joachim Creek Stabilization – Jefferson County, MO

    Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT)

    EDSI was selected by MoDOT as the prime consultant for both the study and final design phases of an embankment stabilization project along Route E in DeSoto, Missouri. The existing embankment for Route E is being scoured for several hundred feet by flow in Joachim Creek. The study phase of the project, which has been completed, involved field survey of Joachim Creek and Route E, along with geotechnical investigation (performed by others) to determine the cause of the scour and enable development of viable solutions with budgetary cost estimates. Once review of the study was completed by MoDOT, final design was awarded to EDSI which includes additional survey over an extended length of Joachim Creek; hydraulic modeling; preparation of right-of-way and design plans, job special provisions, and cost estimates; and the preparation of easement documents. EDSI’s responsibilities include permit application assistance and coordination with local, state and federal agencies, and the staking of easements and right-of-way.

    Lemay Redundant Water Service – St. Louis, MO

    Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District (MSD)

    EDSI designed a pair of water service projects for MSD’s Lemay Wastewater Treatment Plant. One involved a 120 lineal foot extension of an existing 8” Missouri American Water Company main plus a 300 lineal foot 6” service that provides a redundant supply to the plant. The second design involved 520 lineal foot of 8” fire water service that created a looped fire protection system by connecting two existing dead-end fire service mains. EDSI was a subconsultant for this project.

    Central Fields Athletic Field and Support Facility Upgrades in Forest Park – St. Louis, MO

    City of St. Louis, Board of Public Service

    The Central Fields-Athletic Field and Support Facility Upgrades and Streetscape Improvements project included improvements along McKinley Drive (Wells to Union), Macklind Drive (Union to Wells), Union Drive (Theatre to McKinley), and Wells Drive (Macklind to Jefferson) located within Forest Park in St. Louis, Missouri. The fields were designed to better accommodate large yearly events. Proposed upgrades to comfort stations were completed as part of the project, along with improving pedestrian trail connections and access routes. Coordination with MSD regarding the drainage was a critical part of the project. As a subconsultant, EDSI completed roadway design tasks and led the drainage design which included a pair of bioretention basins. EDSI was also responsible for the topographic surveys and mapping.