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EDSI has a comprehensive surveying team with four survey crews using the most advanced equipment available. Crews are formed for each individual project based on the client’s specific needs.


We have a full accompaniment of CAD technicians back at our office to expertly and efficiently process the work of our crews. Our offices can provide survey data and final maps in a variety of digital formats including, AutoCAD and MicroStation.


EDSI Surveys according to the National Geodetic Survey (NGS) standards to ensure reliability for large control surveys. All boundary surveys are performed to exceed the minimum standards for the states of Illinois and Missouri, the Department of Natural Resources, and the Division of Geology and Land Survey. We can also certify to ALTA standards when required. EDSI is OSHA-certified for all of our environmental and hazardous site surveys.


Survey Tasks:

– Control Surveys

– Topographic Surveys

– Construction Layout

– Boundary & Cadastral Surveys

– Route Surveys

– Hydraulic and Hydrographic Surveys

– Environmental & Hazardous Surveys

– 3-D Modeling

– GIS Data Collection & Mapping

– GPS Surveys

– Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) Services


surveying experience


Missouri Botanical Gardens

mbg2Location: City of St. Louis, Missouri

EDSI was retained as a consultant to complete topographic survey, as-built survey and GPS survey services for various ongoing improvement projects to enhance the gardens and features within the Missouri Botanical Gardens. Our Survey Crews first completed general surveying services to help the facility reestablish horizontal and vertical control. Our team also completed general AutoCAD drafting services for the purpose of updating the existing Missouri Botanical Garden’s AutoCAD base-map and included establishing standard AutoCAD layers and standard symbols for the base-map.


EDSI continues to do projects for the Missouri Botanical Gardens to help determine how MBG can achieve LEED goals in building, better utilize resources and more effectively design facilities throughout the park and gardens.



“Thanks to [EDSI] for all of your hard work.” Charles Zidar




New Mississippi River Bridge Design

MRBLocation: St. Louis, Missouri

EDSI served as a sub-contractor in providing surveying services to design a new bridge between Missouri and Illinois crossing the Mississippi River. The goal of the Mississippi River Bridge Project is to provide a Mississippi River Crossing that can accommodate at least two 12-foot lanes of traffic in each direction and be expandable, by re-striping, to three 12-foot lanes in each direction. Total length of the bridge will be 6,473 feet with the Missouri approach spanning 1,150 feet and Illinois approach spanning 1,500 feet.




National Levee Database Project

Location: St. Louis, Missouri

EDSI was retained as a contractor to provide surveying services to assist in establishing a GPS control network and providing control points necessary for field data collection utilizing USACE Standards and Specifications. The site consisted of five hundred and three (503) levee miles within the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, St. Louis, MO District.


Our surveyors collected attribute data in the field for all levee features, including the following: Closure Structures, Typical Cross Sections, Floodwalls, Encroachments, Existing Drainage, Levee Centerline, Levee Crossings, Relief Structures and Piezometers. The data was collected and processed to create a deliverable that would be compatible with the existing Corps GIS. This data was integral to the development of an overall Levee Database for the District.



Missouri Speed Skating Rink Layout

Location: Chesterfield, Missouri

EDSI was selected to perform surveying services in preparation for the US Speed Skating meet held in Chesterfield, MO. Measurements and calculations were prepared in order to correctly layout an Olympic standard speed skating track. Since hundredths of a second may determine the winner in a speed skating match, it was imperative that every figure be recorded with the utmost accuracy. EDSI collected and analyzed data with great precision to ensure all measurements and calculations were exact.


EDSI worked with the Missouri Speedskating Association to provide a precise track layout to position boundary markers in the ice. Our survey department created a site plat based on exacting specifications from the Association.



Taxiway Victor – Lambert St. Louis International Airport

Location: St. Louis, Missouri

EDSI was selected as a consultant to provide topographic survey services for the design associated with the reconstruction of Taxiway Victor at the Lambert St. Louis International Airport. The project included an area from Taxiway Foxtrot to Runway 6-24.



Merchant’s Bridge

Merchants BridgeLocation: St. Louis, Missouri

EDSI served as a subconsultant to replace approximately 1,700 feet of the existing double-track, west approach structure between the main spans and the west abutments of Merchants Bridge near Ferry Street in north St. Louis. EDSI was responsible for topographic surveys, right-of-way surveys, right-of-way plans, civil/site design, plan preparation, utility coordination, and utility relocation plans.






Poplar Street Bridge

PoplarStreetBridgeLocation: St. Louis, Missouri

EDSI was responsible for the subconsultant portion to widen the Poplar Street Bridge (PSB) and the eastbound approach structure from the PSB to Route 3 in Illinois. The Poplar Street Bridge (I-64) over the Mississippi River is a six span steel box girder bridge with a total length of 2164. The Illinois approach spans have a total length of approximately 850′. EDSI tasks included topographic surveys, right-of-way surveys, right-of-way plans, plat of highway, roadway design, bridge inspection, plan preparation, and utility coordination.


“I have been extremely pleased with how [EDSI] has supported us on the Poplar Street Bridge. I love working with firms like [EDSI] responsible and easy to trust.” Cory Imhoff, PE